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In 2000 the town of Walkerton, Ontario was devasted when its drinking water supply was contaminated by a deadly strain of e-coli bacteria. The comunity struggled and ultimately succeeded in restoring its drinking water and finally its reputation as a great place to live and raise a family. This recovery would not have been possible without the tremendous asistance of the people and the Government of Ontario, which provided the vital technical and economical support required to rebuild a shattered comunity.

Today Walkerton has completed the journey from the scene of water infamy to the site of water excellence, as it provides training, research and outreach to the rest of the province and beyond. The restoration of  the drinking water was the first stage in the recovery, without which we would have ceased to exist as a viable comunity.

Wakerton Water Tower imageBruce Davidson is spokes person for Concerened Walkerton Citicizens and has given talks to many Muncipalities regarding what lead up to the tragedy and the remedial steps taken. If you would like to know more about Bruce's Speaking Engagements Please click the link on the Navigation Bar.

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